Writing Ideas...

Writing Ideas...

So you want to write a story...but your mind has gone blank.

What do you do? 

  • Christopher Booker identified that there were Seven Basic Story Plots. Introduce the children to these seven story plots using the link below.

  • Writers often talk about the fact that their best stories are based in some way on real events. Encourage the children to explore their memories of key events using the link below. 

  • Taking a walk, or visiting a special place can help to clear the mind and encourage interesting ideas to form. Help the children to explore a setting using the link below.

Don't reinvent the wheel...

In the section below you will find two Literacy medium term planning documents which have been used in the classroom and have resulted in significant improvement in children's ability to write creatively.


They give children the opportunity to explore and be inspired by a range of texts, and apply writing skills to produce a book comprising different  text types. Feel free to use and adapt them as you wish.